Deus non alligatur. God is not bound. Nibbanam paramam sukham. Unbinding is the Highest Happiness. The Heart is Divinity. God is the primal radiance of Divinity. Nature is the primal manifestation of Divinity. The Buddha is the primal realization of Divinity. La ilaha il Allah. Allah is Complete Wholeness.

18 July 2007

Jivanta Eleuthera

Is Jivanta part of any recognized faith? Does the Jivanti follow any religion? No, the Jivanti practices Jivanta. He is not Christian, but he walks the narrow way. He is not Buddhist, but he discriminates the true from the false. He is not Muslim, but he surrenders to simplicity. He is not Jewish, but he fights for justice. He is not Jain, but he conquers hatred. He is not Zoroastrian, but he thinks, speaks, and acts rightly. He is not Sikh, but he praises the Fearless. He is not Hindu, but he lives from the Heart.

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