Deus non alligatur. God is not bound. Nibbanam paramam sukham. Unbinding is the Highest Happiness. The Heart is Divinity. God is the primal radiance of Divinity. Nature is the primal manifestation of Divinity. The Buddha is the primal realization of Divinity. La ilaha il Allah. Allah is Complete Wholeness.

21 March 2008

A Good Friday Meditation


From a newspaper interview
London, December 1934

Q. What hinders me from being a better husband and father?

A. [Meher Baba] You must try as far as possible to live a life that Christ lived. Not by theory and by intellectual understanding only should one try to follow Christianity, but by a feeling that must be lived: Love!

Q. How can I do that?

A. To develop love, you have to do it practically — that is, you have to experience it in everyday life. You must lessen your desires and make others happy by thinking less of your own happiness. This can be done. By desire I mean selfish desires. If you are walking along the road and you find a man stricken with poverty and lying helpless, you will pityingly look at him and go on. If, further on you find your own brother in the same condition, you will at once give him all possible aid. This is generally the case. You will find your mentality lacks that development of love which true Christianity needs. It is all very practical and very simple — only people make it complicated.

Q. Are you ready to give your love to those who, on the basis of the New Testament conception, think you to be wrong in regard to your Christ Consciousness, but who are open to the influence of your love?

A. If you love Jesus, and if you can follow Christ's teachings and live his life, that is more than enough. You don't need to follow me, for by following Jesus with all love, you will indirectly follow me. That is what I know.

THE AWAKENER, Vol. XIV, No. 1, p. 34
Kitty Davy, "Baba's First World Tour, 1932"
Copyright 1971 Universal Spiritual League of America, Inc.

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