Deus non alligatur. God is not bound. Nibbanam paramam sukham. Unbinding is the Highest Happiness. The Heart is Divinity. God is the primal radiance of Divinity. Nature is the primal manifestation of Divinity. The Buddha is the primal realization of Divinity. La ilaha il Allah. Allah is Complete Wholeness.

10 December 2007

Tat Hridaya

"Tat Tvam Asi: That You Art!" is one of the mahavakyas of Advaita Vedanta.

"Hridaya Tvam Asi: The Heart You Art!" means that the Heart, thus, is Tat.

From the Sri Lalita Sahasranama:

She who is meant by "That," the Supreme Truth, Brahman

When knowledge of Brahman arises in the intellect, Tat (that) is the word used to signify that Brahman (See mantra 363).

Tat is a pronoun - a word which is employed to refer to something that is already indicated. All known things are included in tat because behind everything is Devii, the Supreme Consciousness.

In the naamaavali form of the Sahasranaama in which Devii is invoked name by name, this mantra becomes Om Tasmai Namah. Tasmai is the dative form of the pronoun Tat.
Tat Tvam Asi: That You Art!

In Jivanta, Tat Tvam Asi -- That Thou Art! -- refers to the Heart, to the Mother. Idam Tvam Asi -- This Thou Art! -- refers to the Beloved, the Father


Chandira said...

Om Sri Adi Da Hridayam. :D

In our tradition, Hridaya, the Heart, is everything!!

Dharmashaiva said...

I certainly wouldn't disagree. :-)